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Konsys is the sole developer and a distributor for AVReporter Energy Management Software. This solution was created specifically for the production industry, building complexes and smart city projects. AVReporter is also a must have tool for energy audits and ISO 50001 supporting energy management strategies to cut down on energy consumption and costs, also to increase energy efficiency. Our references include clients from the automotive industry (Audi, Ibiden etc), pharmaceutical industry (Teva, Egis etc), food processing industry (Gallicoop, Kraft foods etc), data centers (T-Systems), utilities (E.ON), smart offices (Skanska). We cover over 100 countries world-wide and looking for more end-users and system integrator partners.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2004
CityGyor, Benczur Gy u 5 Google map
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Environmental Industry

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      Energy Management Solution for Industry, Building Complexes, Smart Cities

      We developed AVReporter Energy Management Software and continuously looking for end-users and system integrators globally. The software is highly flexible, user-friendly and designed for the latest demands. Cutting down on energy costs, consumption and increasing efficiency are the key goals; often achieved by supporting energy audits, ISO 50001 and targeting (CO2 reduction, production-efficiency, monitoring integrated green energy sources and other KPIs).
      We have great references in many countries, for example Michelin factory in Brazil, Ministry of Environment in Canada, Velux in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Hungary and France, Celje Hospital in Slovenia, smart city applications in Hungary, apartment blocks in Australia, Tupperware in Greece... etc.

      Keywords: energy management softwareenergy efficiencysmart citysmart factory
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