Zoltan Kleisz

Matro Ltd.

Manufacturing machined components by cutting. Matro Ltd. delivers products for the passenger car, commercial and rail vehicle industry. Moreover the company supplies high quality components to customers from the pneumatic, engineering, medical and various other industries. Manufacturing standing and rotating tool holders for turning lathes.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Phone+36 72 548114
City7631 Pecs, Nagyarpadi 7/a. Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)

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      Offering products, services and free capacities

      Matro Ltd. is a company with high level of technology.
      1995 – Manufacture of brake part components for commercial vehicles
      1997 – Additional manufacture of cutting tools for Iscar Hungary Ltd.
      2007 – Production of tool holders standing and rotating for CNC lathes and manufacture of machine components
      2010 – Manufacture of motor parts for passenger car

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation
      2. Manufacturing agreement
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Sales / Distribution