Dávid Szebeni

managing director
Ceglédi Városfejlesztési Kft.

Bilateral Meetings

  • 14:00p.m. – 17:00p.m
DescriptionCegléd Town Development Ltd. is responsible for business area development and entrepreneur incentives in the Cegléd municipal jurisdiction.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2010
CityCegléd, Szabadság tér 2 I/2 Google map
Areas of Activities

Research and Development, Project Partnership


    Plots in Cegléd Business Park

    The Cegléd Business Park 2 area lies next to the E60 international road which will be
    transformed into a motorway quality four lane road by the spring of 2018.
    Therefore the area is subject to real estate appreciation. Municipality of Cegléd took
    measures in order to develop a new business park with access to all of the public
    utilities and industrial graded roads that can profit from the national motorway
    We offer pre-agreement talks as regards these areas for business purposes.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Other
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Investment/Financing