Laszlo Romhanyi

Head of Energetical Subcomitee
Hungarian Association of Machinery and Power Engineering Industries
DescriptionAbout us The Hungarian National Association of Machinery and Power Engineering Industries is a civil professional association created on the 12th December 2007 by descending as the successors of Hungarian Association of Engineering Industries (MAGOSZ – founded in 1991) and Association for Power Equipment Manufacturers (EBSZ – founded in 1993 ). The MAGEOSZ is to renew the activity of its predecessor in title in the ORGALIME, the specialized organization of European Union, which represents directly and indirectly 130.000 companies and 11 million employees. The MAGEOSZ is member of the Sectoral Dialogue Committee in Engineering Industrial Branch on the Employer's side and we are co-members of other organizations too. Mission, vision The mission of MAGEOSZ is the furtherance first of all in the field of the professional interest representation and conciliation and furthermore at the process of realization of innovative ideas, projects and conceptions for the energetic, engineering, designer, manufacturer, assembler enterprises and factories and for other civil organizations. With our services we would like to make easier to our members the access to the market sphere, help their strengthening and being well informed. Participating in the national and international law- and standard harmonization is also a part of our mission. We wish to help the transfer of the business contacts and market information. We want to motivate the state economic system progress. MAGEOSZ's vision is to identify the novel ideas and projects, so to help to realize them and to provide complex solutions for our members, partners and decision-makers. We want to play the catalyst role of the development of engineering and energetic industry , and the sustainable development of economic and environment. We want to motivate the progress of the national economy. Tools To achieve our declared goals we operate with tools which: •Use the opportunity of lobby activity (recommendation, right of consultation, contribution, representation and opposition) •Summarize its economical and professional reasons and goals, •Give information to the public and the media members •For the economical stability and development cooperates with the representatives of the municipals and government, civil and professional sector, •Relies on its members' direct and indirect information and on the professional staff on behalf of the interest of the employer and the economic. Activity •Professional and sector interest protection and representation on the forums of interest harmonization •Supporting technological improvement, investment and market access; informing our members about the export supports, helping to compete tenders, participating in the valuation process. •Quality Assurance, Industrial Property and Copyright Guidance •Researching of domestic and foreign partners, research of export and import cooperation possibilities •Assist business meetings and help appearance on exhibitions. •Intermediating capital investments, loans and financial opportunities •Supporting to establish of professional co-operations Cooperation with vocation schools and helping the labor reeducation and motivate the continuative educations, •Revelation of employment policy structures, forwarding the application and competition possibilities to the members, help the expansion of the employment •Developing international relations •Help to improve the market position of our member companies •Reinforce the accentual and strategic position of the different sectors representing by our Association, help the state reforms and the structural changing, elaborate reform propositions, •Revelation of the possibility to assure venture capitals •Rules monitoring and publication, participation in the rule creation process (opinion, estimate, initiatives, proposals etc.), •Examinations of improvement possibilities and elaboration of sector analysis of the sustainable progress
Organization Type Cluster
Organization Size51-100
Founding Year1991
CityBudapest, Kuny Domokos utca 13-15 Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)