Cristin Cistelecan

Head of FDI Department
Automotivest Cluster

Bilateral Meetings

  • 14:00p.m. – 17:00p.m
DescriptionAutomotivest is the first Romanian automotive cluster covering West Region Romania (Timis, Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara), coordinated by the West Regional Development Agency. The development of the automotive part sector in the West Region has been achieved both through the specialization of some domestic companies and by attracting foreign investors. The Automotivest Association is a non-governmental and non-for-profit body established in June 2007 with the main objective to build a local economic environment as an efficient cluster base for a growing supply chain (suppliers/buyers) companies in West Region.
Organization Type Cluster,
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2007
CityTimisoara, Proclamatia de la Timisoara 5 Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)


      Facilitation of business cooperation

      Facilitation of business cooperation between companies, cluster members and other clusters

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Other

      Services for businesses and researchers in the automotive sector supply chain

      Automotivest Association created the concept of the Regional Centre for Supplier Development – CERC, which was built with EU structural funds investment by Timisoara City Council. CERC is a business infrastructure that will support the implementation of a variety of services and training programs for enterprises in the sector.
      Specific objectives of the Centre include
      • Increasing the number and skills of suppliers in the automotive industry;
      • Valorization and adaptation of the training potential of universities in mechanical engineering / automotive to business needs;
      • Implementation of value-added services for enterprises in the sector;
      • Facilitating access to resources: technology, information, customers, distribution channels and training
      • Increased rate of knowledge transfer;
      • Increased innovation in the field.
      Automotivest is seeking to promote and support delivery of services offered within the centre, which include:

      • Training in highly specialized production and engineering techniques and technologies
      • Process improvement techniques (Six Sigma, LEAN)
      • Production site for prototyping and manufacturing operations
      • Measurement certification and testing
      • Event hosting and exhibition

      The center comprises of one administrative building which includes administrative space, classrooms, reception, information point, a laboratory of measurement / testing, and two warehouses (790 square meters each), covering 2 domains: injection molding and CNC.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation