Csaba Szalai

Metallo-Bolt Kft

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The Metallo-Bolt Kft. has more then 20 years experience of fasteners industry and trade. Our manufacturing main profile used to be the DIN standard fasteners diameter sizes between M3×6-M8×80, however nowadays we mainly manufacture custom-designed fasteners  as it is requested by our client and market.

The materials are used by us  in accordance our costumers wishes can be: Al, Cu, Carbon steel, Stainless steel.

Our products are used by mainly at costumers working with automotive, furniture and  building industry located in Hungary, also in Europe as Slovakia, Nederland, Romania.

Since 2009 we have a new profile  plastic injection molding using materials mainy PE, PP, PC-ABS as requested.

The Metallo-Bolt Kft has always been committed to the high quality products and service is given to all our client.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2011
CityKaposszekcső, Liget Ltp 6/b Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)



      offering capacity of manufacturing screws, bolts, fasteners

      Keywords: fastenersscrewsplastic injection molding
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Manufacturing agreement
      2. Sales / Distribution