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AllGerm Ltd.

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DescriptionInterpreter and translation services, tour guides, language teaching (German, English)
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2012
City7621 Pécs, 3. Szent Mór Street Google map
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Interpreter and translation services

AllGerm – Interpreter service –Translation – Language teaching – Tour guides
German Languge Studio
Let me briefly introduce the AllGerm German Language Studio. The main objective of our company is to provide our clients with a wide range of services related to the German language, all of this on the highest possible level (Our services include: professional translation, interpreter services, language teaching, organization of communication training, tour guiding – in Pécs and nearby regions).
We hold skills, precision, flexibility, quickness, and accuracy to be essential. Interpreter and translation assignments are accomplished in our language studio exclusively by university graduates (Viola Kláricsné Kemler, Dóra Molnár-Scheich) with professional translator and interpreter qualifications as well as many years of professional experience. In addition, our work is also assisted by proof-readers.
Our interpreters provide services in Hungary as well as abroad (simultaneous, „ear whispering”, consecutive direct translation).
In case of formal documents, we print the translation with a letterhead and include a certification stamp, certifying the translator (name, professional translator card number, signature) certifying the translation as fully corresponding to the content of the original text, furthermore certifying that the completed text is the correct and accurate translation of the original.
Our translators have many years of experience in the fields listed below:
• translation of firm / company correspondance and emails
• translation of technical texts
• translation of legal documents and contracts
• translation of economic texts
• translation of medical texts
• translation of private correspondance
• translation of CVs, certificates, degrees, language exam certificates,
• translation of web pages

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