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DescriptionRelying on our 17 years manufacturing and consulting experience in various industries we've  developed a set of free mobile applications for Overall Equipment Effectiveness and employee motivation improvement.  

The solution best fits the needs of manufacturing and logistics plants, which are spending too much or too less time and money for data collection, having troubles achieving tangible performance and quality improvement.

The main idea is that we are getting use of employee’s mobile phones and utilize them for collecting data right where they raise,  replacing good old Excel practice or expensive sensor based systems.

The following data are collected trough mobile devices; - Machinery down time - Product quality - Process quality
The following information are provided to support personnel mobile device; - Knowledge base to help fixing problems (e.g. machine break down) - Short term reports to supervise production line performance - Weekly / Daily tasks from improvement projects
The following information are provided to engineering/management level; - Mid and long term reports to select top problems, establish and track mandatory or volunteering projects
All players are collecting credits, which can be used in our web-store as currency. 
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2000
CityZalaszentgrot, Ady Endre Str 13 Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)

      ICT Industry


        Mobile apps for efficiency improvement

        Set of mobile applications to help manufacturing sites to decrease their downtimes, speed up maintenance, improve quality and elevate motivation level.

        Keywords: OEEQualityDowntimeImprovementMobile AppApp
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