József Baumgartner

Hidrot Kft.

Bilateral Meetings

  • 14:00p.m. – 17:00p.m

Own developed products of Hidrot Ltd. are widely used  on the Hungarian road network, on shorelines and banksides of canals, water-courses and dikes of the flood defense system.

Hidrot’s profile include the production of road maintenance machinery such as flailmowers, branch cutters and cleaning equipments, furthermore liquid spreaders, snow ploughs asphalt recycling machines and floating workboats too.

Hidrot Ltd. is Hungarian distributor of Austrian Reform one and two-axle mowers, Danish Epoke spredders, Dutch Votex flailmowers, mowing and landscape maintenance devices of  German Irus, as well as  the high tech mowers and wood chippers of German Dücker as most important partners.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1994
CityH7634 Pécs, Szentlőrinci út 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)


    Cutting and sheet metal processing, complete metal machining, welding and suface protection

    Complete metal machining from material procurement to the manufacturing of finished parts and equipment. Cutting and sheet metal processing on traditional and CNC machines. Welding and surface protection, and other locksmith work. Design and manufacture of hydraulic equipments.

    Keywords: weldingmachinigmetalcncsurface protection
    Cooperation Offered
    1. Technical co-operation