András Ugrin

Cluster President
OMNIPACK First Hungarian Cluster of Packaging Technology

Bilateral Meetings

  • 14:00p.m. – 17:00p.m
DescriptionOMNIPACK First Hungarian Cluster of Packaging Technology with almost 30 members and its rich partner network is a significant actor of the packaging industry in Hungary. We are intended to boost innovative activities and competitiveness in our cluster and support members in their international endeavours. Since its foundation in 2003, our members and the cluster itself are already seriously involved in Hungarian and international cooperation projects in the field of economic development, R&D and market access.
The cluster is committed to the broader spread of biodegradable and environment friendly packaging materials. We strive to manufacture all of our products fully or at least partially from 100% compostable and therefore biodegradable materials and to replace conventional or polluting technologies with environment neutral ones. The members imagine their Cluster in the future as a living example of an effective cooperation of smaller business entities and also a significant reference-centre for those who handle environment friendly packaging materials
Organization Type Cluster
Organization Size250+
Founding Year2003
CityBudapest, Kacsa utca 15-23. Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

    Supplier Industry (plastic, automotive, electronics)

      Environmental Industry

        Agrofood Industry

          Research and Development, Project Partnership


            Packaging services, international projects

            Our services:
            Design, development and custom manufacturing of packaging materials and tools
            Conventional flexible packaging materials and tools, custom coated papers and coated nonwoven textiles, fireproofed upon request
            Conventional and custom made rigid wall packaging materials
            Industrial fillers, auxiliary and protective packaging materials
            Technical development and manufacture of custom made packaging machines and equipment
            Warehousing technology
            Setting up logistics systems
            Operational (custom deployment) software, supplementation and specialisation of existing software
            Special printing technologies (offset, deep and flexographic)
            Promotional and other packaging, high frequency and other blisters, POS tools, exhibition organisation and other decoration and design tasks

            Our main development segments:
            Segment for raw materials and technical-technological development
            Application technology segment
            Segment for developing packaging waste recycling
            Distribution of scientific knowledge, market research, marketing segment

            Keywords: packagingclusterinternational projectsResearch and development projectsmarket access
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Sales / Distribution
            2. Manufacturing agreement
            3. License agreement
            4. Technical co-operation
            5. Outsourcing co-operation
            Cooperation Requested
            1. Sales / Distribution
            2. Manufacturing agreement
            3. License agreement
            4. Technical co-operation
            5. Outsourcing co-operation

            Partner/client search

            We seek partners for mutual cooperation (our current project ideas, new projects, exchange of experience, experimental plants, etc.) in the field of packaging, biodegradable and compostable PLA packaging, environment friendly storage systems, utilizing the mixture of combustible waste and biomass base materials for energy production.

            Keywords: packagingPLAbiodegradablebiomass
            Cooperation Requested
            1. Investment/Financing
            2. Sales / Distribution
            3. Manufacturing agreement
            4. License agreement
            5. Technical co-operation
            6. Outsourcing co-operation

            Project Ideas

            Project plans
            -Manufacturing biodegradable and compostable PLA packaging materials and tools, acquiring market advantage
            -Establishing a systems centre and experimental plant as regards PLA products
            -Developing an environmental friendly, space-saving document storage system supported by advanced IT and cutting-edge retrieving solution
            -Developing mobile solutions suitable for obtaining energy from the mixture of combustible waste and biomass base materials
            -REPLACE Project

            Keywords: PLA packagingBiodegradablecompostablewaste managementbiomassreplace
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Technical co-operation
            2. Manufacturing agreement
            Cooperation Requested
            1. Technical co-operation
            2. Investment/Financing