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The South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster was established in March 2011 thus providing an organizational background to support coordinated action and implementation of development ideas, the determining engineering organization of the region. The Cluster that is authorized to use Accredited Innovation Cluster title, owner of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label is decisive organization is the biggest organization of this type in the region both in respect of revenues and size of the Cluster members. At present, the cluster consists of 28 members from the South West Hungarian region having the following major objectives:

Business Development:
– Market-based collaboration
– Strengthening the cluster internal market, common capacity utilization
– Joint procurement of energy, services and materials and others
– Dynamizing the innovative activity, developing common products

Training Development:
– Developing vocational training and dual tertiary education in mechanical engineering

Representation of interest, marketing, networking:
– Establishing common, powerful lobby activity
– Sectoral and cluster networking, establishment of professional collaborations
– Operating the platform for experience and information exchange
– Sectoral and cluster networking, establishment of professional collaborations
– Common domestic and international presence and representation

Beside others the following products and services can be obtained from the cluster members:

– water jet cutting
– installation and maintenance of complete technological mechanical system
 – manufacture of components produced with cutting
– manufacture of engine and generator houses
– manufacture of engines and ventilators
– design, manufacture and on site installation of electric automation devices
 – design and manufacture of complete technology for grain processing, animal feed, milling, and renewable energy industry
– manufacture and maintenance of aluminium silo vehicles
– design, manufacture, processing and commissioning cutting technology of poultry and meat processing plants
– manufacture and recondition of superstructure of communal vehicles including hydraulic equipment and machine service
– distribution of welding materials, welding machines and industrial machines – manufacture and construction of welded crane parts, mobile cranes, steel machinery and parts, components
 – manufacture of custom-tailored steel structures, machinery components, and construction fitter products
– design, installment and maintenance of complex HVAC systems, heat pumps
– manufacturing of mechanical safety products and devices
 – trainings, custom-tailored solutions in R&D engineering services, and laboratory experiments specified by customers
– innovations services, trade developments, cluster-development and management
 – special alloy steels and tool materials trade, production and sale of mould bases, engineering and production of preand furtherfabricated tool plates
 – planning, production and implementation of surface treatment plants, job shop, cataphoretic dip coating and electrostatic powder coating
– manufacture of high quality, environmental eco stove, fireplace and firebox
– design, manufacture, repair and installation of galvanizing- (electroplating), surface treating- and waste water treating equipments
– gear manufacturing, producing geared parts and machining.

Organization Type Cluster
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2011
Phone+36 20 5393366
CityPécs, Majorossy 36. Google map
Areas of Activities

Machine industry (engineering, metal processing etc.)

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    South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster looking for Partners

    South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster is looking for Partners for the Cluster Members, representing 28 companies and institutions.

    Keywords: machine industriesautomotive industriesagro industriesmetalwater cuttingblendingstamping
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    1. Outsourcing co-operation
    2. Technical co-operation
    3. Manufacturing agreement
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    Cooperation Requested
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. Manufacturing agreement
    3. Sales / Distribution
    4. Other